Corn Free Foods in New Zealand

I have a corn intolerance, and have to figure out what I can eat that won’t hurt my stomach. Living in New Zealand, a lot of the suggestions for brands that I hear about aren’t available here. So I’ve made a list of corn free foods in New Zealand. If you’re just starting off with learning you have a corn allergy or intolerance, I would suggest starting with this article, then coming back to reading these for New Zealand.

*My intolerance is not life threatening, and I go based off of digestive issues, so trial all of these items carefully if you have a corn allergy or intolerance. I’m on the sensitive side of corn lite (I can eat produce from stores, but tooth paste gives me issues), and only digestive responses. I also have a lot of sensitivities other than corn, so some items may not be included right now.

These items have only been tested by me, so please take all of these as a suggestion, or a guide, NOT as “these ingredients will definitely work for you.”

This is a sheet of the foods I buy, and where I buy them in New Zealand, the items that my stomach doesn’t make a fuss about. I live in Nelson/Tasman and am closest to Countdown and New World, so those are where most of my suggestions will come from.

To make this easier, they are alphabetized by “food.”

Corn Free Foods in New Zealand:

FoodBrand Name (or specific name)Where to Buy
Baking Soda (Bicarbonate Soda)HansellsNew World or Countdown
Beans canned – blackCeres OrganicsNew World
Beans canned – chickpeaCeres OrganicsNew World
Beans dry – chickpeaNo brand specificBin Inn or GoodFor
Beans dry – kidneyNo brand specificBin Inn or GoodFor
Beans dry – pintoNo brand specificBin Inn or GoodFor
ChocolateBennetto Natural Foods Co. Intense DarkNew World
Cocoa PowderCadbury Bournville CocoaNew World, Pak’n Save, Countdown
Cream of TartarHansellsNew World or Countdown
Dry HerbsGregg’s or PamsNew World, Pak’n Save, Countdown
EggsPurchased from a friend who raises hensLocal
FruitNo brand specificConnings or Local Farmers Market
HoneyCreamed Marlborough HoneyNew World
LentilsNo brand specificBin Inn or GoodFor
Mango, DriedNibblish Gently Baked MangoNew World or Countdown
Maple SyrupQueen Special Batch Pure Canadian Maple SyrupNew World, Pak’n Save, Countdown
Nuts & SeedsRaw, unsaltedBin Inn or GoodFor
Oil, oliveKakariki olives (Nelson/Tasman Specific)
Oil, sunflowerCountdown brandCountdown
Peanut ButterPic’s Peanut ButterNew World, Pak’n Save, Countdown
Rice, ArborioSun RiceNew World, Pak’n Save, Countdown
Rice, BrownKing’s Choice Brown Basmati RiceCountdown
Rice, NoodlesErawan Brand Rice Stick (green logo)New World or Countdown
SaltCerebos Natural Himalayan Pink Fine SaltNew World or Pak’n Save
SpicesGregg’s or PamsNew World, Pak’n Save, Countdown
Sugar (questionable)Bonsucro Pure Cane White Sugar (countdown brand blue bag)Countdown
Tahini PasteCeres Organics, hulledNew World or Pak’n Save
VegetablesNo brand specificConnings or Local Farmers Market

*There was Charlie’s Organic Orange juice on this list, but it has since been changed to include citric acid in the ingredients (22 Oct 2020)

**Kombucha Bros Kombucha was also removed after an ingredient change on sugar to “natural gluten free grain based sugar” (22 Nov 2020)

Corn free foods in New Zealand - a list of items to buy

I hope this is has been informative. If you live in New Zealand and have a corn allergy/intolerance, let me know in the comments what items work for you! I will happily add them to the list.

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