Dating with a Food Intolerance

I want to change up topics for a bit, and move over to something really fun. Dates! (not the fruit, although I like those dates too.)

Originally, dating with a food intolerance seemed like a struggle. Because a lot of typical dates include going out to eat. And having a corn or other food intolerance/allergy, you can’t eat out.

I also worried about telling the people I dated about my corn intolerance, because I thought they would run for the hills with all of my “issues.” Which wasn’t the case; they have all been pretty understanding.

Here are some of my favorite alternatives/suggestions to do rather than going out to eat on dates. *These ideas also work with spending time with friends too.

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Dating with a food intolerance ideas:

Get outside:

Getting outside is a great place to start. This way you aren’t around food, and if you are, have control over what you’re bringing with you.

  • Go for a hike
    • This one will work better if you already know the person, because going out in the woods with a stranger might not be the best idea.
    • This could also work as a group date if you’re concerned.
    • This was one of my first dates with my current boyfriend, but we already knew each other, so I wasn’t worried.
  • Take a picnic to the park
  • Go star gazing
  • Find a local garden and explore it
    • There’s a Japanese flower garden that my boyfriend and I love to walk through, turning each area into a game of how to get to the next place
  • Swim in a nearby body of water, i.e. lake, river, ocean…
  • Kayak on the water
  • Try out something adventurous like rock climbing or zip-lining
  • If it’s the winter, go ice skating or sledding

The only problem you might encounter with these outdoor dates are that a packed lunch might be required. You can always just plan ahead to bring your own lunch, or make it a half day so no food is required.

Stay Indoors:

If it’s not the best weather outside, there are also options to stay indoors!

  • Explore a museum
  • Find an indoor garden that’s open year round
  • Check out historical buildings nearby
  • See if there are other activities near you, like bowling or an arcade, or mini golf!

A night out:

Seeing Cursed Child on Broadway as a date
  • Look for comedy clubs near you, and have a good laugh
  • If you’re not anaphylactic to corn, you can go see a movie
  • Live theater is always fun, and you can check the venue to see if they serve popcorn (to avoid it)
  • A concert in a cool venue

A night in:

  • Cook a meal together (I know this one’s food related, but then you know what you’re eating)
  • Work on a puzzle if you’re not contact sensitive to corn, otherwise avoid
  • Movie at home
  • Build a fort
  • Game night (works for two people or a big group)
  • Play video games

Unusual dates:

  • Go to a tractor pull or some other agriculture related event
  • Hot air balloon festival or something similar
  • Find a local craft market to explore
  • Look on Facebook or an event finder to see what’s going on nearby that interests you

There are so many non-food related date options, it’s just a little daunting at the start to say, no, I can’t go out to eat. I’ll keep adding to this as I come up with more date ideas.

date idea for dating with a food intolerance

I hope you enjoy some of these dating with a food intolerance ideas and let me know in the comments if you have any non-food dates you love.

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