Hi, I’m Ashley! I have a background in both food science and nutrition, having a bachelors of science degree in both. This means not only do I have an extensive understanding of how the food is made in factories and why ingredients are in them, but I also know how they work in the body and why we need what nutrients!

My love/relationship with cooking really took off in 2012 when I was diagnosed with a corn intolerance. This led me to going down the rabbit hole of having to cook every single thing I ate instead of going out for food/eating prepackaged meals.

Since then I’ve gotten used to reading labels, modifying recipes, and even creating my own! Recipes are vegetarian, dairy free, corn free, and have modifications or alternatives for gluten, onion, garlic, and so many other ingredients.

It’s not always easy dealing with food sensitivities and allergies, no matter how many years you’ve had it. Hopefully this site can help you wherever you are on your journey!