Make This Vegetarian Dairy Free Frittata For Dinner!

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Frittata – breakfast or dinner? I like it because it doesn’t have to be relegated to one specific meal. I typically eat it for dinner though, because I don’t eat a lot in the mornings. It would make a great breakfast before an adventure day too, being filled with protein and vegetables. I really like how versatile this dairy free frittata is.

My main sources of protein are from plants. But I still like to eat eggs occasionally for the extra recipe options! Being a vegetarian, I will still eat eggs. Frittatas are one of my go to meals when I have a hodgepodge of vegetables and extra eggs. I can’t do any sort of cheese, so this is a dairy free recipe.

Before, I used to love cheese in my fritattas, but surprisingly, I prefer it this way after tasting the difference.

Like most of my vegetable filled recipes, I tend to use whatever vegetables I have in my fridge at the moment. Without further ado, I’ll get onto my recipe and how you can modify it for what vegetables you might have in your house.

The Recipe For This Dairy Free Frittata


Start by picking out the vegetables for this dairy free frittata – I used mushrooms, zucchini, and bell pepper for this frittata. Cut them up to about the same size so they evenly cook. If you can do onion and garlic, dice them at this point now too.

vegetarian frittata vegetables

In a bowl, whisk 6 eggs for a few minutes, trying to fluff it up. Add in about a quarter cup of water or a safe for you milk/milk alternative, salt, and pepper. Continue whisking for another minute or so.


Turn the oven on to broil (grill) to start heating up.

In a frying pan that’s oven safe (and ideally nonstick – I use stainless steel), heat oil over medium high heat. Pour in the vegetables and allow them to cook for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables are mostly cooked.

vegetables being cooked on the stove
vegetables and eggs in a pan

Once the vegetables are mostly cooked, pour in the eggs. Allow it to cook until it’s about halfway cooked through. Then place in the oven on the top rack until the eggs are cooked through. Leave the door partially open while cooking.

cooked vegetarian frittata
Fresh out of the oven!

How to get the frittata out of the pan – Using a nonstick silicon spatula, go around the edges until it releases. Put a plate or platter that is larger than the pan over the top of the frying pan. Flip. It should flip right out onto the plate!

dairy free frittata pin

Printable Recipe

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